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Welcome to the world of online fashion. Forget about parking, waiting in line for the dressing room, waiting in line to pay; all of this is history. Now you can hunt for bargains, choose from unlimited styles and all at the touch of a button.

Many people fear online fashion shopping. Buying clothes from auction sites can be a risky business; there have been cases of misrepresentation and items being a different size to what was ordered. The best way to buy online fashion is to go to a trusted department store website. This has many advantages.

Not only will you get exactly what you paid for, you will also have much more choice that you would by visiting the actual store. Department stores are limited by floor space. There simply is not enough room in the store to show entire ranges. When you shop online you have a company's entire stock at your disposal. This means that you can get fashions that you won't see in your local store and as a result, you won't see anyone wearing an identical dress and we all know how embarrassing that can be.

Be sure to sign up to mailing lists. When you do this you will be sent discount codes, online promotions and other great ways to save money. You can use these codes whenever you want, just like you can when you shop. You don't need to leave work early and rush to the department store. Online fashion is open for business 24 hours a day. You can shop on your lunch break, in your bed; basically anywhere you have an Internet connection. The important thing to remember with online fashion shopping is to not get carried away.

Show restraint (easier said than done!). You will be paying for everything on credit, so limit yourself to how much you buy and always keep track of what you are spending.