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Dress for Less

Want to know how to dress for less? Don't we all! We feel that the key is to know how to wear an item and to know what styles work and what styles don't. This is very important when buying clothes that compliment your body shape. We have all the information you need that will help you find the best fashions at the best prices. Clothes that are going to be a guaranteed hit.

Dress for less: affordable clothes that suit your body shape

The first step is to understand what body shape you are. Once you understand your body's strengths and weaknesses you can begin shopping for clothes that will bring out your strong points and hide your flaws.

Pear shape

A pear shaped body will have an upper body that is noticeably smaller than the lower body. If you are pear shaped, when you put on weight, most of it will go to your thighs and hips.


Look for flared or A-line skirts. If you are looking for a dress, look for a wrap dress that will gently flow over your hips. Keep prints on the top of the dress and have the bottom a darker, solid color.

If you are looking for jeans, go flared or for those that have a wide leg. This will help give the appearance of slimmer hips.


Avoid tight skirts. They will emphasize every curve. Also if you choose jeans or pants, go for larger pockets, smaller pockets will add definition to your already full hips. Also, stay way from high-waisted pants. These will make your behind look larger.

Apple shape

An apple shaped body will have a noticeably larger upper body when compared to the lower body. So how does an apple shaped body dress for less and still look fantastic?


The main goal here is to make the torso appear longer and give the appearance of slimmer shoulders and a slimmer waist. Look at tops that have a v neckline. These will distract the eyes from your shoulders and help accentuate your breasts. Apple shapes tend to have larger breasts, so the right bra is really important here. Make sure you have ample support and it can really help to emphasize your figure. Also, go for belted jackets, these help to create the appearance of a smaller waist.

Shorter skirts will help emphasize your legs. Make your skirt fitted at the waist and flared towards the hemline. This is going to help balance out your top and bottom.


Try to avoid baggy tops or tops that have full sleeves. These will make you shoulder and arms look bigger. You should also avoid daring patterns above your waist. These patterns will make you look wider on top. Also, stay away from dark jeans; these will make your hips appear smaller.

Rectangle shape

Although this shape is currently invading the catwalks, rectangle shaped women still need to be aware of some of the key dos and don'ts.


Look for jeans that lift your bottom. Go for a pair with large back pockets. These are going to make your behind look fuller. Look for tops that help to give you the illusion of curves. Tops and jackets that flare out at the waist will give you instant hips. Also make sure you are wearing a bra that gives you extra padding to enhance your feminine curves.


There is not much a rectangle shape cannot wear. The main thing to remember is to avoid vertical patterns and lines. These may give you a lanky appearance. Also stay away from loose fitting clothes that do not show off your curves.